Love Story? Seriously! – By Shivi Pandey.

There’s a sheer line of difference between literary writing and writing out ones heart.This novel certainly falls in the second category.Passion and suppressed feelings indeed are the main driving elements behind such creations.Every human has his own story,which he either quarantines or reminisces within his own self.However, only a few dare to relive them through their interpretations.Shivi Pandey is one of those conscious dreamers,who relived his story through his creation,”Love Story? Seriously!”.

About the author : Shivi Pandey was born in Patna on 22nd April,1993 and grew up in West Bengal.He has his early education in Himali Boarding School located in Kurseong,Darjeeling.He is an engineer graduated in 2015,April from KIIT UNIVERSITY.He firmly believes that not quantity but the quality matters and does not discriminate between people but skill.Presently,he lives in Kolkata and works for COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY AND SOLUTIONS.

Cover : The cover is designed by JIMMYERIC FILMS & MEDIA.It primely consists of the title inscribed in red and black on an off-white paperback.The style in which the title is written clearly depicts the predicaments that this feeling of love brings,in ones life.

Title : The title is apt for the novel as per its content,for at the very culmination of the novel it will surely put you in a dilemma, whether it be quoted as a love story or not.

Plot : The novel primarily revolves around the life of a typical Indian boy,whose story is the known one.The protagonist of the novel,Samar Singh was admitted at a boarding school at kurseong,darjeeling.His family believed that discipline,punctuality,determination and perseverance should be instilled in a child at his early years for the betterment of ones future.Thus,his school life started.Rahul,his classmate remained as his best friend throughout the journey of his school life.However,he soon vanished with the end of it.Amongst the four eves,who are yet to get involved in Samar’s life,Sapna was the first.The core meaning of love was a bit beyond the range of realisation for a boy of tender age like Samar and thus left by the disastrous rejection from Sapna. The first infatuation always leaves it’s everlasting scar in every humans’ memory and Samar was no exception.Mark my words readers,it do was an infatuation and not love in true terms.
With the beginning of his college life Sapna became a closed chapter.Its wasn’t much of a time passed when Samriddhi came in his life.Mature brains led to an increase in the range of realisation, however it wasn’t the full of it.Life gradually became interesting and meaningful with Samriddhi for now what Samar was going through was love.However,no one can double-cross his own fate as a result of which Samriddhi ‘s chapter was also closed,with the end of the third year of engineering.
The final year arrived with Surbhi,the last fluke of hope to feel the essence of love. It seemed to me as if Samar didn’t loved Surbhi.It felt like an obsession hidden behind the cloak of love.There wasn’t any urge left anymore for Sumar as Surbhi also turned him down.Thus,Surbhi also ceased to matter anymore.
After few years of job as Samar went back home on the occasion of Diwali,he was greeted with the shock to know about his marriage being arranged by his family. It was now the beginning of the most interesting turn of the novel or the so called climax,when finally Shrija came as Samar’s better half,who eventually turned up to be the true love in his life.

My Verdict : The novel overall has a sinusoidal curve on the basis of its content.This novel will allure you at the very beginning but gradually sinks in the middle. However,at the conclusion it takes up its pace with the climax scene.The simple language of the creation is one of the plus points of this novel for which it is readily accessible to a wide range of readers,from child to adult. Through this novel,any Indian teenager will be able to relate himself to Samar who is akin a sibling from our own known Indian society.

As a debut novel,it was an average approach and I earnestly believe for better creations from this aspiring author in his future masterpieces to come.

But wait,how could Samar possibly have felt the essence of true love finally?

What about Sapna,Samriddhi and Surbhi and their present status in life?

And how was Samar’s life ahead after he recognised is last love?

Now the valuable answers to all these questions out of your curiosity can only be acquired by grazing in through the pages of this novel “Love Story? Seriously!” By Shivi Pandey.

So why wait? Grab a copy of this amazing debut novel by Shivi Pandey at the shared link given below and trust me the answers to your questions will be worth your time and money.

– Diptendu Mandal.


Author: interpretationweb

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