Book Review: “Elements of Life” – By Inderjit Kaur.

“Life is beautiful.Say yes to a meaningful life! ” – this simple theme has been very flawlessly portraited through the motivational book “Elements of life” by Inderjit Kaur.The author very wisely chose to relate the simple yet so effective properties that the main elements namely Air,Fire,Water and Earth bear ; which are behind the existence of life,to influence our mindsets, thought processes and provided us with a willful purpose to live.As soon as you surf through the pages of the book,you will gradually discover yourself,a new you,a better you and thus you will be bestowed with a vision where predicaments of life gradually subsides and the reality unravels it’s wings of fire to kiss the zenith.

About the Author : Inderjit Kaur is an author,inspirational guide with powerful voice of spreading positive quotes through her tweets.At an very young age of 9 years she ended as an editor of a college magazine during her post graduation in science,Mumbai University.Considered as a peace messenger,she has inspired thousands to make positive choices that impacts not only their lives but also those who are associated with them.

Cover : The cover is quite eye-catching,with the vivid use of colours .The front cover is partitioned into four compartments which is filled with vibrant and lively images of the four elements namely air,fire,water and earth.At the centre junction of the compartments the title of the book,”Elements of life” is highlighted on an off white background,along with the author’s name beneath it.The word “Life”,highlighted in Crimson red very closely symbolises to blood,which is customary to most living organisms and thus relates to life.

Title : The title is apt in accordance with the Materials of the book.”Elements of Life” deciphers a vibrant reflection of the positive approach of the author towards life.Not only does she upholds the core preachings of life but also let her readers to apprehend the value of life,the value of our existence in this geoid ball of ether.The amalgamation of the aspects of nature to life and the power to accept,adapt,refocus and reinvent ones own self is what the author has expressed through her creation.

My Verdict : “Elements of life” is one of the guide books of ‘A Living Series ‘ by Inderjit Kaur.The book comprises of highly motivational elements along with simple and meaningful excerpts which redefines life, in it’s true terms.
Life is a priceless gift from the Almighty and it is the nature around us which nurtures and nourishes life with its four prime elements air, fire ,water and earth and provides us a better environment to live in.Thus,the author relates the righteous virtues of the nature and upholds a statement of to live a more meaningful life,with a purpose.The excerpts at the introductory part of the book,

“Air – Adjust – Live purely like the Air.
Water – Adapt – Flow courageously like Water.
Fire – Acquire – Glow compassionately like Fire.
Earth – Accept – Move gratefully like Earth.”

confronts the readers to the essence of living a healthy and meaningful life,no matter what life throws at you.These statements boosts up and imparts confidence in its readers and makes them learn to accept a problem as one of the numerous lessons that life teaches them and to move on in life.
The book is categorised into three parts.
“Part A – Study”, comprises of the descriptions regarding the basic questions that every individual faces in life. The author,very minutely has stressed onto every details of the twist and twirls of queries regarding life.Moreover,the comparisons with the elements of life and how to live life better through implementations of those principles are the core materials of part A.In addition to this,”Pearls of Wisdom” at the end of every major chapter is like a bonus tip from the author which helps in self realisation and imparts enormous amount of self belief that strengthens the dilapidating roots of a human character.
“Part B – My Journal”, comprises of some of the affirmations that helps a lot to transform and rejuvenate ones life.Here,the author enriches every reader to take the pledge and
“Say Yes ,
To live with a purpose
To live in today
To live in wellness
To live in positivity
To change perceptions.”
Through these big little affirmations the author tried to inculcate discipline,values and set goals in ones life.
Finally at the very conclusion in “Part C”,the author culminates the book with a stupendous poem along with her tag line,
“Keep smiling
Keep shining
For life is Awesome.”
The core material of this book portrays it as an increasing curve on the graph of our self realisation vs time.The more we get into the book,the more we come closer to a better and stronger self,with less deviations in our paths and a more focused life.The literary elements of the creation is quite up to the mark and impressive.In my view,the true essence of this masterpiece can only be obtained by them who have a fairly relevant experience about the hardships that life brings in and has faced real life situations.Thus,its a treat for the matured brains and not really meant for the blooming children,who still live in their fantasies.Overall,this book gets a thumbs up from my side and is worth a read to the people who want to redirect their passions and rediscover themselves as a successful individual.

– Diptendu Mandal


Author: interpretationweb

Hey everyone,this is Diptendu.I have opened this blog chiefly to post certain book reviews and interview of authors who need a medium to publicise their books.So here I am.Anyone who is interested can contact me on Facebook.Assurance of a genuine and honest review for your book.Hav a nice day! :)

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