Book Review : “Kaleidoscope, Colours of Life” – by Inderjit Kaur.

“Kaleidoscope,Colours of life”,is the third book of the living series by Inderjit Kaur.Synonymous to its title,the core material of the book primarily focuses on living a contented life with what we possess,rather than mourning over the empty spaces or the unalterable past .The author enlightens our conscious self through her simple preaching of living life at the very present moment and how a little bit of confidence in our attitude can make a difference and let us conquer over the big little predicaments of life.

Genre : Motivational.

About the Author : Inderjit Kaur is an author, motivator with a powerful voice of spreading positive words through her writings. A highly influential blogger and inspirational guide who with her tag line; ‘Keep smiling keep shining’ has brewed up with the original concept of Living through her books of A living series. Inderjit Kaur a full time writer whose other books include, Living a more meaningful life and Elements of life.

Cover : The cover has a magnificent overview in its velvet base on which the title of the book “Colours of Life” and the author’s name are highlighted in a lighter shade of royal golden hue.At the very centre of the cover,the face of a eve in vibrant hues symbolises the boundless thoughts and independent attributes of an individual,in different spheres of life.

Title : The title is apt to the content of the book.Akin the various colours of the VIBGYOR,human qualities are something that has its own unique existence and thus in the correct proportions lead to a better self.
This hidden message of “Self Realisation” has been depicted through the motivational book “Kaleidoscope,Colours of life”. Here,the author has intended to inculcate the readers of this book with the profound wisdom, regarding various aspects of life and their individual importance to frame the character and mindset of an individual.

My Verdict : “Kaleidoscope,Colours of life” is the third masterpiece by Inderjit Kaur.The art of living life to its fullest extent by adapting to its profound variations is the ultimate formula behind a sorted mind .It is no magic but the willful incorporation of simple logic with a tinge of patience in it,which is the universal solution to cumbersome difficulties that life throws at us.No matter how much intense the problem might be but having a sturdy self reliance always puts you forward,a step or two towards overcoming the predicament.All such motivational elements has been very beautifully portraited through her final creation,”Kaleidoscope,Colours of Life”.

The book is categorised into two parts.

The first half,’Part A-Rainbow’ comprises of seven inspiring short stories based on real life experiences from author’s life along with motivational plots,that gradually boosts our inner self to take a step,initiate a move towards betterment.As the saber gradually sharpens after being harnessed,so do our character and thought processes as we face real life situations.Thus,the author has related the attributes of our character to the virtues of ethereal hues of a rainbow.Its only after a heavy shower that the rainbow comes to existence.Similarly,it is only the hardships in life that guides one and enriches oneself spiritually to overcome the dark phases and shine like a rainbow in the azure firmament.

In ‘Part B- Contrast and Hues’ of the book the Author has embedded her positive approach and moral preachings to illuminate her readers outlook towards life. A collection of thirty eight moral principles focusing on motivation,encouragement,positive outlook,personal development,goals and lessons learned in life constitutes the major aspect of this half of the book.Moreover,the readers are also bestowed with the opportunity to apprehend the precious excerpts of enthusiastic people,from different fields of life, which is one of the plus points if the book.

Realisation is the initiation. However, implementation is vital.Hence,at the very culmination of the book the author hasn’t forgot to remention the power of a little patience,the power to face hardships in life,the power to push ones self up to his extreme,in his darkest nightmares and transmogrify himself through implementations of these worthy principles. Thats all the author truly wanted to decipher from her creation,”Kaleidoscope – Colours of Life”.
Frankly,it’s the best literary creation by Inderjit Kaur so far and is a treat to everyone for it will provide you with a mystical vision to witness life from a rare angle of positivity where, ‘ Life is Beautiful ‘ in every aspect of living.

Ratings : 4* / 5*

                     – Diptendu Mandal.

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