Book Review : “Panorama – A collection of short stories.” – By Shilpi Chaklanobis.

Often the neverending size of the novels turn up to be painstaking to non conventional readers,who seek for an instant breakthrough to the climax of the plot.However,this attribute being completely antonymous in case of novels results in the gradual disinterest of the reader,which ultimately leads to the forfeiture of the novel,without its completion.For,such stratum of people who intends to cherish the essence of literature within limited amount of time as well as apprehend the climax of the plot without loosing out their patience,”Short Stories” turn up to be the most appropriate remedies as per their requirements.A collection of short stories provides its readers to go through the diverse works from various authors under the cover of a common paperback.However,a collection might also comprise of diverse works from the same author.

” Panorama – a collection of short stories” by Shilpi Chaklanobis comprises of fifteen heartwarming Short Stories from different walks of life.A prominent reflection of the typical Indian society along with bittersweet realities,regarding life and relationships has been magnificently portrayed by the author through her creation.Though being simple and straightforward in approach the stories fosters some of the gruesome realities of life as well as provides its readers with a rare vision of realisation regarding various circumstances life puts you in.

Genre : Fiction.

About the Author : Shilpi Chaklanobis hails from the beautiful city of Kanpur and has spent majority of her adult life in Delhi.The amalgamation of her years spent amongst the quiet,calm streets of a small city and the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan like Delhi has lent her a unique perspective towards life.She aims to translate her experiences and understandings of human relationships to stories that not only move people,but also resonate with them.She believes that the beauty of a story lies within its ability to be interpreted by the reader in the way they desire as is evident from her writing.This is her first endeavour as a writer and her writing not only shows promise but also has a sense of sensitivity that compels you to think about the lives you touch everyday.

Cover : The cover design is absolutely spectacular,featuring a soothing landscape of the setting sun at horizon,where a crystal clear reflection of the above scenario comes to life through the static waters of the lake.The whole scenery is cloaked with a shadowy tinge,which conceals the golden radiance of the setting sun.The title of the book is inscribed in bold fonts through slits cut into the shadowy plane,which emanates the culminating beauty of the setting sun.The subtitle of the book along with the author’s name is highlighted in pearl white,in between the gaps of the title and on the right extremity of the front cover respectively.Synonymous to the title of the book the cover is well designed and is quite eye-catching,thus compelling the visual stimuli of the readers to peek into the creation.

Title : The title is apt to the content of the book.A compilation of short stories inspired by the lives of the people around us is core theme of the book.The author has taken into consideration about mentioning the nitty gritty details regarding each story and nurtured them sufficiently with her literary elements to endeavour this final masterpiece.Not only does “Panorama” furnishes it’s readers with a panoramic view of the events that often takes place in the society but also widens our angle of visualisation towards a matter, from the perspective of the characters in the stories,considering the circumstances they presently lie in.Hence,it can be tagged as a charismatic attempt from the author to uphold the sublime contortions of life.

My Verdict : “Panorama – A collection of short stories” is highly recommended to the people who intend to extricate themselves momentarily from the mundane convolutions of their daily schedules and endeavour the essence of literature and reading,within limited intervals.The innovative and appealing nature of the stories is cent percent successful in teleporting it’s readers to a ‘panoramic’ world of varied realisations.This commendable piece of work from the author, entangled in emotions and realities of life do hit the dormant intangible notes of the inner self, of its readers.One of the most alluring features of the book is its non monotonic nature.Not even a single instant could be found when the stories appear to loose it’s pace or sink in its plot.Moreover,the discrete attributes of short stories provides it with an additional advantage of a logical overview regarding real life situations,which is relatable to every individual.
Fifteen heartwarming short stories surrounding the lives of fifteen varied individuals belonging to different status,age and positions in the society is the what “Panorama” primarily consists of.A crescendo of emotions and realisations that life brings in has been very skillfully woven into a systematic piece of literature,through the perpetual efforts of the author.The titles given to the respective stories has a deep link with the content of the plot and fully justifies the core meaning associated with them.From the story of an adorable little girl Rani who unaware of her economic status, craves for a little potato curry at her meals everyday to the story of the most loyal companion ‘peanut’ who saved his master at the stake of his own life;from the story of a turbulent relationship between a mother and her daughter to tale of an orthodox hindu woman whose life was saved by a Muslim;from the equation of love between the parents and their child to the culmination of an everlasting feeling love,for someone which Supriya nourished within her heart,for more than a decade;from the pathetic reality of an eunuch cloaked with belief to return to his dedicated wife,Kamla to the monstrous urge of hunger of mere child of ten that breaks all emotional connections to finally survive by engulfing her own sibling;from the story of search for unknown answers,regarding the purpose of a professor’s life to the tale of inevitable differences in a friendship due to economic barriers;from a mirage of fake affection towards your ward to the undesirable surrender against prevalent conspiracies of fate;from the incident of a sudden downfall of a victim due to circumstances to the amalgamation of personal and professional life in upper middle class society and finally the story of the sealed urn that ultimately unlocks to return Martha what belonged to her.Each and every story is overwhelming with ineffable emotions concealed in it,which will make you laugh and cry at moments.
For certain, this book is a spotless attempt on part of the author.The simple language along with the extensive vocabulary of the creation is one of the plus points for which it is readily accessible to a wide range of readers,from child to adult.Overall the book gets a thumbs up from my side and is worth a read to everyone who are a genuine admirer of good works of literature.

Ratings : 4* / 5*

– Diptendu Mandal.


Author: interpretationweb

Hey everyone,this is Diptendu.I have opened this blog chiefly to post certain book reviews and interview of authors who need a medium to publicise their books.So here I am.Anyone who is interested can contact me on Facebook.Assurance of a genuine and honest review for your book.Hav a nice day! :)

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  1. Seems like a book of my very own kind. Covering different walks of life, delineating the plethora of emotions in the day to day activities. I will surely go for it. Those few phrases where you described the story are amazing. 😇

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