Book Review : “The Soft Target” – by Kalyan Nanda.

The existence of God in true aspects is still a mystery to be solved or in words of science can be quoted as a hypothetical approach to define a colossal source of neverending energy,that can only be presumed but never can be fathomed.Does Almighty really exists or not in certainly unknown fact to everyone but the mere thought of his existence has bifurcated humanity into two stratum of people.The theist and the atheist.As far as Mohan Mishra is concerned he falls into a totally different category of people who believes God to be the manipulative foe of his life.Mohan, the protagonist of the novel,”The Soft Target” has a deep repentance of God’s conduct over his life.Out of the disabilities he is cursed with and the prevalent conspiracies of fate,under the muffle of the name ‘Karma’ has turned out to be one of the prime causes behind his hatred towards the supreme.God’s turned out soft target,Mohan inspite of his cumbersome difficulties in life stands out of the box,quarantines himself from every pain he was “blessed” with and ultimately emerges out as a valient personality,with a sturdy mental stature,which finally led him to accomplish his desired goals in life.

Genre : Fiction

Cover : The cover has an appealing and classy overview with the use of the bold Colours of the spectrum.The glossy steel hued dummy with its hand and head held high towards the zenith symbolises his high goals which he believes to achieve someday or the other,despite the predicaments that destiny brings in his path.Moreover,the pitch black background of the cover of the book adds an additional contrast with the steel hued dummy in the front and also highlights the title inscribed in white,red and blue,on the right hand upper corner of the book.

Title : The title is apt to the content of the novel.The main plot of the story revolves around Mohan Mishra who is bestowed by God with a rare mental illness of unable to express his opinions and feelings by the correct synchronisation of words.Moreover,the repetitive deprivations in the society and the losses of his close ones, during his good times has led him to apprehend God as his sole enemy, for he believed that The Omnipotent has made him His “Soft Target”.

My Verdict : The plot of the novel deciphers the story of a boy’s journey into manhood as he takes on God with his prowess despite of the innumerable difficulties he faces,in every stage of life and thus making God his soft target. Though suffering from a rare mental illness Mohan was blessed with an exceptionally genius mind,which was the master key to overcome all the contortions of his life,thus progressing towards a better tomorrow.His story starts from a village in Orissa which ultimately takes him to the high societies of Mumbai.His life has been through various turmoils before he became an established scientist and cracked a rare code,called the Maze which turned up to be the boon of his life.Betwixt the struggle to establish himself,Mohan apprehended a lot from his real life experiences and realisations that life made him witness.
The literary elements in the novel is quite upto the mark.At moments,the humorous and satirical approach of the author is also one of the unique features of this creation.However,the systematic events of the novel are quite predictable but constant pace of the novel will not spoil your overall experience of reading.As a debut novel,it is an average approach from the authors side.Though the unique plot behind the novel surely makes it a little special for its readers.
Overall this book is a good start to the journey in the world of literature from the authors side and will surely not disappoint it’s readers for the rich flair of literature it is bestowed with along with a varied attempt to portray a not so common story of Mohan,the soft target.

Ratings : 4* / 5*

 – Diptendu Mandal.


Author: interpretationweb

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