Book Review : “In God’s Wishlist” – By Pradipta Panda.


Genre : Fantasy

Publisher : Frog Books

Book Length : 250

Price : Rs.225

About the Author : Pradipta Panda,a thinker and entrepreneur simply portrays characters among us in the story.He did post graduation in Journalism and MBA in HR.Presently he is working in Bank of India.

Cover : The cover of the novel features an auspicious amalgamation of divinity and mortality with the lively appearance of an angel,shadowed by the glimmering shafts of the rising sun.The aura of the lazuline shades in the firey streaks,skirting round the angel provides an absolutely spectacular picturesque,which readily goes with the content of the book.The title along with the name of the author is inscribed in ivory white at the bottom end of the front cover of the book,highlighted on the golden savannah meadows of the mystical nature.The back cover consists of the blurb about the book.

Title : The title is apt to the content of the book.A totally unique attempt to rediscover the essence of fantasy,through the eyes of Almighty as He reshuffles His orthodox prescripts with His divine ideas of create heaven out of earth.A world without the fear of death might seem initially alluring for an instance but practically is not a fruitful idea to endeavour upon.Life of a creature is not quarantined or bound within the spheres of his own living.It is linked with the lives of several counterparts belonging to different species,either the straight way or the other way round,which maintains the equilibria of nature and it’s creations.However,the world of fantasies is totally a diverse land of dreams which knows no limits.Hence,an extraordinary attempt to bring forth the precursor to everything, to reframe a dreamworld of His Own,without the pains of adversites or doubts of anxieties,was indeed a commendable approach,on part of the author.

My Verdict : “In God’s Wishlist” is one of those creations which could have been a grand breakthrough in the genre of fantasy novels but the path-breaking thoughts by the author were not well interpreted through his creation,which ultimately resulted in its failure to unravel it’s charm.God’s ethereal appearance as the protagonist of the novel adds an additional gleam to the plot of the story.The portrayal of factual reality under the muffle of fantasy is indeed a rare facet to be witnessed in a piece of literary work.Love and Beauty with its imperishable attributes has ruled the world through eternities and had conquered territories which couldn’t have been subdued with might.Thus,the author intended to foster this Love as his prime weapon to amputate the malignant catastrophes of the mortal fears and cherish his idea of a meliorate world.The Omnipotent believes to implement His vision through His actions.He thus invited humankind to join active politics as it has a sturdy influence and control over human life.He also performed several experiments to validate his divine realisations regarding human behaviour.He released all the spirits to the world,except for the twenty one top leaders of the world whose worthy minds were still to be mapped or programmed in order to ascertain the actual reasons behind their activities,for they all changed the world in some way or the other.New conclusions were drawn regarding the aspirations of a youth towards life and the way tender blood dares to cross the conventional boundaries set by the society to reach new heights of their fantasies.Finally at the very culmination of the novel,God devises a new figment to sow the seeds of love between a spirit and a mortal being for He earnestly believed that it is none but unconditional love of the spirits towards humans that is sure to create a difference and transcend human behaviour to its pinnacle.
The lucid language of the creation facilitates it’s access to a wide range of readers and is a special treat to fantasy lovers.A new flavour to tryout comprising of all positive elements which either might leave its readers absolutely stunned or might not really keep up to their expectations.This book could have crafted wonders with the elements it possessed but unfortunately failed miserably due to lack in synchronisation of the contents of the creation.Thus, though being an average read,”In God’s Wishlist” will surely keep a mark in the memories of its readers because of its unique approach to perceive fantasy.

Ratings : 3* / 5*

Links where you can order the book :

– Diptendu Mandal.


Author: interpretationweb

Hey everyone,this is Diptendu.I have opened this blog chiefly to post certain book reviews and interview of authors who need a medium to publicise their books.So here I am.Anyone who is interested can contact me on Facebook.Assurance of a genuine and honest review for your book.Hav a nice day! :)

4 thoughts on “Book Review : “In God’s Wishlist” – By Pradipta Panda.”

  1. The title is indeed intriguing and sets up a hopeful expectation. Liked the way you analyzed each and every aspect of the book, highlighting the positives and negatives. I always believed that a true review isn’t only fawning or bashing. It needs to be honest as per the honest judgment of the critic, and should intrigue the reader to buy their own copy, based on the verdict. Yours fits the bill. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The story of the book made it seem like something really amazing. But the way you have described how it fails to live up is very interesting. Loved the review. It was clear and precise without getting too heavy. Good one.

    Liked by 1 person

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