Book Review : “The Soul Charmer” – By Richa Saxena.

My Verdict : Poetry has its own magical charm.Though not having a detailed analysis or descriptive overview akin a novel or a short story,it never misses out to foster the vivid essence of a factual creation.A poem provides it’s readers with a panoramic reflection of the unspoken emotions, perspectives and realisations of that person who just intends to touch every soul around him through his insights.In this twenty first century,where no one has time nor intention to talk or hear,it is these blissful creations that conveys emotions,to touch souls and spread its charm,like an epidemic.

“The Soul Charmer” by Richa Saxena is a pure bliss and a worth read.Its a collection of fine verses by the poetess which portrays the different facets of life.A phenomenal journey holding the hands of ‘The Soul Charmer” that indeed casts it’s spell on its readers and hits the most sensitive chords of a being.All thirty four poems felt like a crescendo of emotions that soothes the tympani of ones hidden conscience . Right from the very commencement of the book,the poetess just nailed it.Each and every poem is based on a different theme which clearly highlights the sublime incidents and the long term realisations that has almost occurred in every grown up individuals’ life.”Being Relatable” is what makes a creation to get itself imbibed into its readers.This is what makes a creation special,with an identical existence.

The poems dwelled with several emotions of its readers.From the unfulfilled urges in one’s life to the adolescent explorations regarding love ; from stepping up and redefining bodily pleasures to the deceit and hopeless assurance of a caged soul ; from getting drenched in the fragrance of love to a sturdy self assurance of being alright ; from a random fondness towards the mortal world to the silent prayers for affection ; from the unhealed scars from the daunting past to the echoing soliloquies ; from the mysterious adieus to the story of a living dead ; from making out in love to feeling it’s essence ; from beckoning counterparts to the ravishing firsts – the sights,the touches ; from the awaiting love to the awaiting life ; from getting back down the memory lanes hand in hand with the first hero in a girl’s life to getting high on love ; from the unanswered queries to the ripped wounds in a fervent avalanche ; from fearless decision fall in love again to the ineffable aspirations of an eccentric heart and lastly hoping for a better tomorrow to come that indeed is a worthy message of hope for the hopeless,by the poetess.

A magnificent creation with infallible traits that leaves an everlasting scar in the soft convolutions of the untouched minds.The style and language of the poems is above average and commendable.The metaphors used in the poems is the top icing that makes the creation even more catchy and appealing.The originality of the verses along with the synchronization of putting it at the right places, in the contents of the book also adds to the pros of the book.There are no glitches.Taking about the cons of the book is almost nil except the title of the poems were felt a bit monotonous for excessive use of the word “Love”. Synonyms would have been preferred more.That all I could make it out of “The Soul Charmer” an it was an absolute delight on a wintery evening along with a cup of hot chocolate!

A must read for those out there reading this review for it’s a three in one package – worth money,time and entertainment.

Ratings : 5* / 5* 

– Diptendu Mandal.


Author: interpretationweb

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