Detailed Analysis : “Romance Shorts” – By Sourabh Mukherjee.

Genre : Romantic Fiction

Publisher : Self published @

Book Length : 61

Price : Rs. 99


Romance has always been an appealing genre to world of readers for its ambiguous link with the feeling love.Love,an intangible ineffable feeling,as conventionally interpreted,entwines with our lives from the days of our adolescence,when we first start to apprehend the utmost necessity of someone’s presence in our lives.Love being a global feeling,has it’s myriad shades with which a large stratum of people are already acquainted and has their varied interpretations regarding its existence and necessity in ones life.Moreover, who still are to taste the essence of love also ponder to gather sufficient knowledge about this literally weird feeling,before living it themselves.Thus,the genre romance has always turned up to attract a wide range readers for its less critical approach towards a plot as compared to other genres as well as it’s direct or indirect connection to love,which has always been an intriguing fact to explore.
Love being a relative concept is non judgemental and is devoid of circumstances.Thus,it turns up to be a challenging task for the authors to decant the real essence of this feeling through their creations.Sourbh Mukherjee is one of those artists who by his economic selection of words let’s his readers live through the plot of his creations.Yes I would like to acknowledge him as an artist rather than an author for his unique ability to present his outlook towards defining love,through the perspectives of his characters of his stories.
“Romance Shorts”, by Sourabh Mukherjee comprises of four contemporary romantic stories,which provides its readers to manifest the genuine essence of love and it’s myriad shades in lives of different individuals.The worthy effort of this man clearly reflects down his works as each story is equally beguiling and promises a lasting impact through the varied significances perceived by its readers.


About the Author : Sourabh Mukherjee works in a senior leadership position in a leading consulting and technology service firm.He has several publications and blogs on emerging trends in business and technology,and has spoken in a number of national and global conferences and technology summits.He has penned several short stories and was the recipient of the Golden Pen award in Monsoon Romance Contest 2014.His debut novel,”In the Shadows of Death” has won accolades from readers,reviewers and the national media.Mukherjee loves travelling and is a keen observer of human behaviour, cultural diversities and is an avid reader.

Cover : The cover design is somewhat artistic and has an abstract appearance.The front cover primarily consists of a blend of blush red and magenta pink hues,on a white background akin the carefree strokes of a freewheeling artist with an intention to pour out every facet of his wondrous ideas,to incarnate a masterpiece,on his empty canvas.In the upper right hand corner of the cover design,a heart shaped gas balloon flies off signifying the aura of love in air and how its presence make an individual feel – light and rejuvenated at heart.The title of the book is inscribed in a cursive font,in magenta pink and is highlighted on the glossy white background right at the mediastinum of the front cover.The author’s name is also inscribed in UpperCase font right above the title.The back cover consists of the picture of the author along with the blurb about the book,printed on a glossy white background.

Title : The title is apt to the content of the book.The book comprises of a compilation of four romantic shorts which elucidates the diverse aspects of love,nurtured through different circumstances in life and conspiracies of fate.All the stories has the magic touch of romance along with the incorporation of a unique flavour of originality,which further pushes the limits of this book,beyond the expectations of the readers.Moreover,the imperishable twist at the end of each story will sure leave its readers in a turmoil of emotions within,shattering past the barriers of the dos and donts in love.Thus,though titled “Shorts” the plots of the stories illustrates much more than mere love stories and is an extraordinary attempt on part of the author.

Glitches : There are no such major glitches,just a minor tense correction in page 19,in the sixth line from the beginning of the page.There would have been “had” instead of “have” in the sentence.Then in page 47,in the eighth line from the beginning of the page,there is a minor typo.It is printed “ehaviour” which will be “behavior” instead.

Memorable Quotes : 1.”I had no idea what she would see if she ever bothered to look my ways.She would perhaps see the gratitude of a boy whose only prayer had just been answered.”
2. “I had two things which not many had – an impossible dream that made every tomorrow worth waiting for,and a pain that not everyone was blessed with.”
3. “I guess there are moments when we are beyond reason or lessons of morality.”
4. “As they say,one does not find one’s soulmate – a soulmate ‘happens’ unannounced in some turn of the deliciously unpredictable journey called ‘life’,when one is not even groomed ‘for the occasion ‘.”


My Verdict : The tales of “Romance Shorts” entrusts a feeling of living the romance for real,through the viewpoint of the protagonists framed by the author,in each of the stories.The plots regarding the stories are so well synchronised that with each page of progression the readers gets a prominent picturesque of the events taking place on the mind screen of ones own.Moreover,the lucid and manipulative style of writing adds to its pros which makes it accessible to a wide range of readers from adolescents to mature brains.All the stories possesses it’s unique aspects of romance which prevents monotonicity from creeping into the empty pages,prior to the stories.The stories have also been put in order in a wise manner taking into consideration about the content of each story.
An overwhelming commencement of the creation with, ‘Nargis Through My Summers’ which fosters a tale of unconditional love of a known teenager,backed by the typical Indian society.The author literally nailed it at the very beginning with his amorous descriptions conferring the sublime emotions of a secret lover who stifles the humble velleities of his emotions within himself.Through this plot, the author intended to endeavour the essence of romance in its non fulfilment.
The following story,’Mine Forever’ centres around the life of an aspiring young entrepreneur who in the limelight of his agile achievements recollects the presence his lost love through the vision of his core memories,in a subconscious drunken state.Mukherjee vindicated the everlasting spasm that one experiences,when loved ones are lost through this tale of two lovers.
Romance with a pinch of thrill in it is a deadly combo.The third story, ‘ ‘Memories’ exemplifies the brutal aspects of love along with the gruesome consequences that betrayal brings forth in love.This story can be conferred with the title of being the climax of the creation,just because it is very moment when the book sets new limits beyond our expectations and reaches to new heights.
However,the culmination of the creation could not keep up with the pace of the book nor with the exceptions of its readers.Though the author intended to end the venture of his imaginations on a positive note but the last story,’Love came calling again’ was an average approach on part of the author as compared to the magnificent streaks of love created by the author in his former works.
Overall the book was a worth read with the portrayal of relatable emotions,which makes this book even more special to its readers.

Ratings : 4(1/2)* / 5*

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– Diptendu Mandal.


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  1. Though I am not a big fan of love stories, I think this book certainly seems interesting. This was a nice analysis. Got be interested. Some of the stories do seem interesting. Good one, man. 🙂

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